A New Journey

As we leave one year behind and move into another many of us may feel sad, angry or unprepared. Others may feel excited, challenged and positive ready for all that a new year may bring. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Almost all of us have experienced a year like no other and for many of us the expectations that we might have had for the coming year may now be unachievable. I need this year to be full of the things that make me happy; seeing family and friends, building my business, opportunities for my daughters and excitement. We all need things to look forward too; the anticipation of planning and then doing something that we love, spending time with people that are our world, these are the things that make us the person that we are. At the moment there is so much that we cannot do but focusing on the things that nourish our bodies, that engage our minds and that give us a purpose will help us to navigate through those times when we feel frightened and lost.

There is no magic solution, but for me finding time for a daily bath or shower and caring for my skin using gentle natural products helps me to start and end the day knowing that I am caring for myself in the best way possible. Just trying to do one thing each day just for me is a small step in the right direction. Whatever your go to self care ritual is, now more than at any other time please be kind to yourself. Love Lisa x

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