Taking Time for Ourselves

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Like so many people in the UK I am at home self-isolating with my family. Life has changed in so many ways for so many of us over the last four weeks that trying to stay positive, self motivated and calm is becoming a daily challenge. Finding ways to look after not only our physical bodies but also our mental and emotional health is vital and using daily or weekly rituals that become part of our routines can help in lots of ways. Nourishing our bodies with essential nutrients found in wholefoods, fresh fruit and vegetables, making sure we drink enough water, small sips continuously throughout the day, prioritising sleep, a must to help keep our immune systems supported and finding time to relax whether that be for meditation, to read a good book or just a hot shower or bath are all ways of helping our bodies and our minds through every day challenges, and especially now when so many of us feel at our most vulnerable. Using essential oils is not only nourishing for our skin it is nourishing for our emotional well being too. Helping to calm, relax, focus, refresh and energise these oils can support us in so many ways. Many of us turn to Lavender oil to de-stress and aid sleep and just one of our Lavender bath melts dropped into a warm bath will moisturise and nourish the skin, whilst calming and soothing the mind. When bathing becomes a luxury with so many of us being time poor, a daily shower becomes our go to 'me time'. We can still use essential oils in our daily ritual by moisturising our skin every day, and our gorgeous Geranium Body Butter bar is perfect for this. Smoothed over the body after showering these plant based nutrients leave our skin intensely moisturised with the gorgeous fragrance of geranium which is so uplifting and certainly helps me to feel more positive and less anxious.

Just finding ways of caring for ourselves is crucial to our health and well being and never more so than now.

With love from my family to yours Lisa x

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